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iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) and Android features

  • Fully supports XBMC Eden (v11) and also backwards compatible with version 10.1
  • Control multiple media centers with a touch of a button
  • Choose between bookshelf and list views
  • Supports landscape and portrait orientations.
  • Control your media centre using gestures
  • Playlist view allows you to jump between items in your music or video playlists (re-ordering playlist supported when using xbmc with JSON API 3 support or above)
  • View your movies and TV shows by title, actors or genres
  • View you music by album title, artist or genres
  • Supports cover art and thumbnails for all media including actors, music artists, movies, TV shows, episodes and more
  • Play ordered or shuffle play your music
  • Resume functionality for media that you have not finished watching
  • Easily find the media you are looking for by using the search functionality
  • Sort your media by name, rating and year released
  • Video media that you have watched are marked
  • Browse your directories through the sources view
  • Sources view shows you the date and time you last played the video media file
  • SoulMote smartly detects when media is already playing and will give you the option to play new files immediately or queue additional files
  • Remote view detects currently playing media and displays buttons specific to the playing media
  • Use your devices keyboard to type in text on your media center
  • Now Playing view allows you to easily jump to any point in the media by dragging a slider.
  • Easy access to support forums and email functionality for feature requests and bug reporting

Additional features in Android version 

  • Adjust the media center volume with your devices volume buttons
  • Devices with a trackball can navigate the media center using the trackball while in the remote view.
  • Quickly access the remote from the options menu

Additional features in iOS version

  • Change the look of SoulMote with the optional skins
  • Search YouTube within SoulMote and launch the videos on your media center or remote control device.
  • Listen to SHOUTCast™ radio on your media center or remote control device.
  • Supports Back of Box and Fan Art detail views
  • Launch plug-ins and scripts
  • Access TV Show Episode details by simply clicking on the image of the episode.
  • Instantly access the remote without returning to the dashboard by flipping your device upside down
  • Playlist an entire picture folder with one press on the folder image
  • Twitter support (iOS 5 and up)
  • Facebook supported for posting what you are watching and links to your favorite youTube videos. Also supports viewing of Facebook news feed within SoulMote or broadcasting the feed to XBMC.

Some features in the iOS version are only available after purchasing the full version