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Brilliant app

Anybody using xbmc this is the best option you have for a remote i recommend this app, not only does it give you an awesome remote that both the functionality and that it is graphically pleasing but the response time for support is outstanding. I recommend you try this free app and if satisfied purchase the full version

Morgan 1 August, 2012

Great App

By far the best xbmc remote I’ve tried.

lathwood 20 June, 2012


Brilliant app. Connects easily to xbmc. has to be one of the most useful apps I have. Excellent.

Jockayethecanoe 4 May, 2012

Brilliant Remote

Tried a few different remotes and found that this was the best. Works great with our Linux and ATV2. Was totally happy with the free version but upgraded to full version for added features. The support is EXCELLENT! Replies to questions within hours. Great App!

jenz2795 14 Apr, 2012

Soulmote works great! So well in fact, it worked whel all other I tried failed. Since the update, it works even better. My xbmc system runs on Linux Mint, has a large database and this software handled it without a hiccup. My initial issue of cover art not showing was taken up with the developers. They replied to my query in a few hours with possible solutions which worked great. If ou are in the market for a xmbc remote, look no further than SoulMote

ZenecadE 12 Jan, 2012

Best XBMC remote on the iPhone

Tried a few remotes but this is definitely the best, very easy to set up and use and works fine on version 10 “Dhama” and 11 “Eden”. Perfectly compliments an XBMC media centre 🙂

M.AD 7 Jan, 2012

Best one

Easily the best xbmc remote iOS app I’ve used to date

Barry Wheelbarger 21 Feb, 2012

Best Remote for xbmc

Dont waste time on the others, Much easier to install n gets the job done!

Userofxbmc 12 Sep, 2011

The Best Out there

It’s simply the best xbmc remote I’ve seen to date, and dare I say a must for an Xbmc enabled ATV hehehe!!!

Jbobyn 30 Jun, 2011

Love It

All of the functionality I was looking for.

Nick Norton 17 Jul, 2011