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iPhone & iPad

For details on setting up XBMC to work with SoulMote visit our XBMC Setup Page



This sections allows selection of XBMC hosts you have previously added. The active host is marked with a tick.

To add a new host choose “Discover Hosts”


Help: brings you to the SoulMote support website.

Change Skin: Allows changing between different styled looks for SoulMote

Announce Connection: Shows a message on XBMC when initial connection occurs




Max Size: Allows you to select the maximum space that the cache may use. Note that when the cache fills up performance will be impacted as cache files will be deleted and new files will be downloaded.

Used: Displays the amount of space the cache files are using up

Compress Images: This will dramatically reduce cache size by compressing down images.

Super Cache: Speeds up loading of Movies, Music and TV Show data by only updating items not in the cache.

TVShow Tunes: This will attempt to find TV Show theme music and play them in the TV Show view when a TV Show is selected.

Clear Cache: Deletes the image cache and cache data associated with the currently selected host.


Press the Login button to login to your facebook account. If logged in, an option to logout will be displayed.

Show in SoulMote: When enabled this will periodically check your Facebook wall for new posts and display it in SoulMote

Show in Media Center: This will show new Facebook posts on your media center

Allow in Videos: When enabled this will allow SoulMote to popup Facebook posts while a video is playing on your media center

Allow in Music: When enabled this will allow SoulMote to popup Facebook posts while music if busy playing

Allow in Pictures: When enabled this will allow SoulMote to popup Facebook posts while pictures are being shown

Crash Reporting

Optionally add your email address if you would like us to submit non-anonymous crash reports. This will allow us to contact you if we are having trouble reproducing your crash or require further information.

Discover Hosts

This screen will try and detect your XBMC media center. Note this will only work if your XBMC Network settings supports Zeroconf, and Zeroconf is enabled. Any detected XBMC media centers will be displayed in the hosts section. To add the host just press on it. If your host was not discovered you can attempt to Search Again.

After you have added a host with the Discover option you can edit it in the Settings section if you wish to add options such as a Mac Address for Wake On Lan.

Manually Add: If you are having trouble with the Host Search or your XBMC does not support Zeroconf you can select “Manually Add” to fill in the host information yourself.

Manually Add Host

Name: Use a name to identify your host in SoulMote

Username & Password: If you have enabled username & password in XBMC type in the username

Host/IP: Type in the IP address or network host name of your XBMC media center

Port: If you are using a different port in XBMC to the default 8080, you can change that here.

Mac Address: Enter the Mac Address of your XBMC media center if you would like SoulMote to automatically send a Wake on Lan packet when it can’t reach your XBMC.

Event Server: Allows enabling or disabling using event server commands

SoulMote Device Settings

To access these settings, exit SoulMote and go to your devices Settings menu from the Springboard, and select SoulMote.

Once Off

These options will be performed once off on the next launch of SoulMote. These options are only recommended if you are unable to startup SoulMote for some reason.

HTTP API (deprecated)

Connect before JSON: Enable this if you would like SoulMote to first connect to the HTTP API before the JSON API.

Override JSON API: Enable this if you would like to use the HTTP API instead of the JSON API. If you are using XBMC Eden it is recommended that you use the JSON API.

Override for Sources: The JSON API up to XBMC Eden does not support listing of files with dates. Hence it is recommended that you leave Override for Sources enabled. Disabling this option will result in you not being able to sort files by date in the Sources View.



The bottom media buttons in the remote view will change based on the media that is currently playing.The top slider allows you to jump quickly to any spot in your media.

This slider is only shown when a video or audio media is playing.The time to the left of the slider shows you how far you are within the media.

The time to the right of the slider shows you the total running time of the media.The right vertical slider allows you to adjust the volume.

  Menu button: Brings up OSD when media is playing, or shows the menu pop up if you are in the XBMC menuBack button: Jumps back to main menu (not used when media is playing)  

Directory back button: Jumps back 1 directory


Keyboard button: Shows the keyboard, allowing you to send keyboard commands to XBMC

Power Button: Press to bring up the Shutdown XBMC menu
Window Toggle: Press to jump out or back into an actively playing mediaFull Screen Toggle (Alternate): Hold down the button for 1 second to toggle into windowed or full screen mode
  Subtitle Button: Press to switch on subtitlesDownload Subtitles (Alternate): Hold down the button for 1 second to launch the download subtitles script (note you must have the XBMC subtitles add-on installed for this to work)
   Next subtitle button: Jumps to the next available subtitle
If you are viewing a media list and would like to quickly access the remote without going back to the dashboard, just flip your device upside down.
Movie Media
Play Button:Starts playing the media

Play Button (Alternate): Hold down for 1 second to launch this movie using the cinema experience plugin

YouTube: Shows trailers associated with this movie

IMDB: Launches IMDB for this movie